Why Are Window And Door Lead Times So Long?

75% of businesses have been negatively impacted by supply chain disruption. Industries across the US have been affected, from fast moving consumer goods through to the construction industry. Window and door lead times have inevitably been impacted by supply chain issues worldwide.


The cost of materials like glass has increased by almost 25% since June 2022. Demand for timber, aluminum and resin has risen. Every material that forms part of our windows and doors is subject to increased prices, demand, shortages, and delays. This can make window and door lead times higher than usual.

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Customers are the biggest victims of supply chain disruption. Supply chain disruption can cause families to have to pay more for their first home, and use more of their savings for unexpected repairs due to demand. Supply chain delays can also slow down renovations and house sales, significantly impacting the customer.

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At a time where the supply chain is subject to extensive delays, you need a company you can rely on. American Window and Door is made up of a specialist team with decades of experience in construction. We work with the best material companies and firms to minimize disruptions to our supply chain. Our window and door lead times are some of the best in the business.

Schedule your appointment with us today to get ahead of supply chain disruptions. With industry leading window and door lead times, let us transform your property.

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