Patio Doors

Multi-Panel Doors

When you want to feel like the outside is an extension of your home, you look to patio doors. There are a few main styles that can be used to fill in those larger door openings, with each affecting the overall aesthetics of your house.

Sliding Doors

Sliding doors, are a popular choice in many areas of the country. This type of door typically has two separate panels, one fixed and one mobile. The mobile panel will slide behind the fixed panel and create your opening. The major benefit of this type of door is that you have a lot of natural light, even when the mobile panel is closed. A downside is due to the amount of glass used in these doors, there can be a lot of energy lost.

Our sliding doors have a multi-chamber energy efficient design in order to help combat the energy lost from the amount of glass. Combine that with an upgrade to the glass of Low E & Argon, and you have an Energy Star certified product. This means that you can enjoy all that natural light, and not stress about the heating and cooling bills.

Terrace doors

Terrace doors, also referred to as Garden Doors, look like a double door. However, only one side will open. The benefit of this type of door is the energy efficiency. You can have doors with glass in them, but since the majority of the door is made out of wood, steel or fiberglass, there is much less energy lost.

These doors provide a very different look and style to your home. They are fully customizable in terms of look, finish, color and glass type and style. This means that you can find a one of kind look that fits your home!

French Doors

French doors are the king of them all! Like a Terrace Door, a French Door looks like a double door. In this case, though, both panels are going to open. This results in a huge walkway from your home to the outdoors.

French Doors are also fully customizable. With the same/similar options to the terrace door mentioned above. These doors are great for entertainment spaces as they allow for a seamless flow of traffic in and out. Also, because they open so wide, it means moving large items in and out of the house is a breeze. If you’re the type of person that loves being able to feel like the outdoors and your home blend, there is no other option.

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