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Are you a property manager, owner, or investor of Multifamily Residential (MFR) properties in Kansas City? If so, you inevitably have had to deal with exterior or interior repair on your properties at some point in your tenure. So why call American Window and Door for a bid the next time you replace your multifamily apartment windows, doors, gutters, siding, decks or need any other Multifamily Residential Services? Besides being Certified Apartment Suppliers (CAS), there are four reasons that make up the American Window and Door difference: Safety, cleanliness, timeliness, and price.


Safety should always be a major concern for investors when making a contracting decision. Hiring the wrong company could lead to accidents and liability issues that can make a simple project a nightmare. At American Window and Door we pride ourselves not only on our safety record, (we are certified OSHA and lead safe), but how we provide workers compensation for all our workers. We manage your liability because you shouldn’t have to.


As you know, an added challenge of replacing any of these products- windows, doors, decks, gutters, or siding- is keeping your residents happy during construction. You manage properties, you shouldn’t have to manage those you hire to enhance those properties. We keep the worksite clean and the mess consolidated, and always up against the building. The goal is to not disrupt the residents’ lives anymore than is absolutely necessary.

Downtown Multifamily Complex


Have you ever been given a time by a contractor, only to have them reschedule last minute or, worse, ghost you completely? You should be able to trust whoever you hire to do these projects to be there when they said they would. Materials should come in when they were scheduled to, and for promises in general should be kept. At American Window and Door, timeliness is one of our four pillars of how we do business. We believe this not just a simple transaction, but a partnership, and being on time is fundamental to that partnership.



The most common of motivating factors- price. Contractors will tell you thousands of times that they are the best priced…. until the bids come in.

At American Window and Door, we encourage you to get as many bids as possible, we are that confident in our savings. Here is why: We do not subcontract our employees. Unlike the rest of the industry, everyone on our team is a W-2 employee. Since our products are shipped straight from the manufacturer, that means our installation is handled directly, and once you remove working with a general contractor, you can expect 25-35% less cost to the project. This equates to massive savings to your value add on Multifamily Residential Services. Imagine every time you went to Starbucks to grab your venti caramel macchiato iced coffee,  they charged you $1 extra just to hand it to you in your car. That’s the kind of sense it is to hire someone else to do your Multifamily Residential Services Project.


Our Services

What type of Multifamily Residential Services can you expect from American Window and Door? We break that down into seven categories; Windows, Doors, Decks, Gutters, Siding, Finished Carpentry, and Structural Penetration Alteration.


With decades of experience in multifamily apartment window replacement, we are used to large jobs- we have handled as much as 2500 windows in a single job. We notify the residents ahead of starting a job, and try to keep total time inside an apartment to under 2-3 hours. Our team also cleans up the entire mess in order to keep the intrusion to as minimal as possible.

Apartment Windows


Since doors are the literal entry point into a home, they can have a emotional connection with customers. It is our job, once again, to be as little of obtrusive as we possibly can. Normally, we are in and out in about an hour.

apartment door


We utilize extruded, custom made, seamless aluminum gutters. Just before installation we roll aluminum coils into a gutter customized to the exact length required for your property. This final piece of aluminum then forms a gutter that runs the length of your entire roof. Choose from a wide variety of paint colors that will be baked on using a high performance system designed for  gutters.


The first impression a prospective resident often makes is of the siding of the buildings of your property. Don’t scare them away with siding that has fallen into disrepair. After all, siding is exterior envelope protects the investments of the interior.  When it comes to multifamily apartment siding. we specialize in panel siding, commonly known as LP or Hardie products, as well as Vinyl Lap Siding. Behind your siding you will often find wood rot in need of repair or replacement. We are expert carpenters that can solve any variable we come across.

Multifamily Siding


A good deck can be a selling point to a potential resident. A bad deck could be a safety nightmare, and liability headache. We rebuild or re-stain wood or composite wood decks. We also install aluminum handrails. Increase both the value and safety of your property by taking advantage of these services.

Multifamily Decks

Finished Carpentry

American Window and Door is fortunate to employ multiple master carpenters. That means that in addition to decks, we also handle other carpentry and woodworking projects. We do cased returns, marble sills, interior doors (manufacturer direct) we also are millwork suppliers, and can handle safety-compliant mini blinds.

Marble Sill

Structural Penetration Alteration

Never heard of Structural Penetration Alteration?  That is because so few companies offer it. Want new multifamily apartment windows cut into the building?  We are here for you.  Want a new door framed?  Give us a call.  As ICC Building Contractors, we are licensed and insured to do framing to existing structures.  Safely and effectively change the layout of your building and maximize your space. 

Structural Penetration Alteration

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