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Are you looking for learning more about American Window and Door or information on how to proceed? Here we answer some important windows and doors FAQs.

Why is your bid so much less than the other companies we have got quotes from? – This is one of the most common windows and doors FAQs. We are an installation / construction company. We are a team of building contractors and master carpenters, specialized in the work. All our in-house employees go through our internal training programs.

In general, the other companies you are talking to are “sales companies” that hire installation professionals. We are just cutting out a very expensive middle man. All of our products are the exact same products or in fact better than the competition. We leverage products from major brands like Therma-Tru, Masonite, Marvin Windows and Doors, and several other manufacturer direct vendors. Another fact that distinguishes us from the more expensive companies is that we also don’t have a traditional position of a “salesman” in our company. Instead we have project estimators who quantify what you want.

The result of cutting out these “middle layers” is that you don’t have to pay a flat percentage base increase on the services provided. Plus we do not have a huge marketing budget; most of our work comes from referrals. And neither do we have a franchise fee that adds 10-15% to your bill.

When to replace windows? – This is another common windows and doors FAQ. Although there are many telling signs that indicate when it’s time to opt for a windows upgrade, the most critical indicator is when your windows appear outdated or even obsolete. Such windows always accompany energy loss as they’re not energy efficient like their new counterparts.

You’ve probably already noticed that your energy bills are high and it’s not surprising since there’s heat loss during the winter (and heat gain during the summer). Some other signs that indicate window replacement time are: your windows cannot be opened or closed or when the window frames are damaged or warped.

What to look for when buying windows? – Another crucial windows and doors FAQ is the factors to consider when purchasing new windows. Some important considerations when selecting windows for your home include the style and framing material. There are many styles to choose from such as, vertical or horizontal slide or those that tilt outward or from the top or bottom. When finalizing the right framing material, consider the climatic conditions of your region and durability. In fact these make for good questions to ask the window salesman. The most important thing to look for is easy operability. Can you open or shut the windows with ease, or do you have to exert much effort or pressure?


How long does it take for my product to arrive? – Standard windows take between 3 and 5 weeks to arrive. However Shaped, Colored Finish, or Triple Pane can take up to an additional 2 weeks. Pre primed doors arrive in 5-10 days while factory finish doors can take 6-20 weeks based on the selection of glass, door style, size, and color. Current supplies in 2021 can cause this number to vary greatly.



What is your Warranty for Windows? – 
This question makes for yet another common windows and doors FAQ. American Window and Door sources windows from a few different select vendors. There are 2 main types of warranties offered.

The first is Lifetime Warranty on everything except the glass, which is transferable up to 1 time. The glass has a 10 year no questions asked warranty, and then a sliding scale of 11-30 years. This is a premium vinyl product, and this is a “great window” industry standard warranty.

Our other warranty option, which we sell traditionally to home owners, has a no questions asked “as long as you own the home” policy and is transferable up to 1 time. It’s a warranty that covers all parts, finish, glass, accidental glass breakage, and finish warranty. We like the no nonsense, unambiguous approach that this warranty offers. It’s perfect for home owners who just want to know they are covered with an excellent product for the rest of their life.


What is your installation warranty? – We warrant the installation of all of our products for 15 years. We have a common sense approach to craftsmanship and are in the business of relationships. Our reputation is important to us. We are happy to honor any issues that may arise over time and will fix any issue that comes up from an application or installation error. Keep in mind all products have manufacturer recommendations on required maintenance of products, and things that should be avoided that may void the warranty on the product. We have all of this information available on our website. We want your product to last as long as it can, and we will do our part to ensure it is installed correctly. Visit our website for specifics on individual product lines and recommendations to extend the life of your products


What if we discover woodrot during installation? – Many people worry about woodrot during installation, making this one of the most common windows and doors FAQs. First of all, don’t worry! MOST instances of wood rot are condensation or unique leaks that are minimal and happened during past intense storms that just caused some discoloration. We can Microbial spray this, and install your new window correctly. You will have no further problems, smell, or growth because our installation method will seal against future leaks, and our process for cleaning will remove any existing discoloration or growth. This is the default reaction to discoloration and we do not have an additional charge to handle this scenario.

If we discover structural rot, in the window frame, or structural framing, we start by taking a photo of the location. We reach out to you directly at that time on how you would like to proceed. We carry what we need in general to secure the window, install necessary repairs and to get the new product into the penetration. It is a time sensitive problem because we need to secure your home from exterior elements, so your quick cooperation and communication on your desires on how to handle the situation is appreciated. We do NOT offer insulation, drywall, or painting services.

We have a default fee that we agree on to handle this situation in the event of discovery. We don’t like surprises either, and our goal is to provide you the best service possible, and ensure that nothing is rushed and a textbook solution is ready to go.

We won’t sell you something you don’t need, and we will give our honest opinion on the assessment of whether or not you really need any additional repairs. You can trust American Window and Door to deliver everything you need for your wood rot solutions!


Financing and Payment Terms – We use a 3rd party financing partner called Hearth. They collect self provided data and have a soft credit pull that can have up to 50 offers for your project within 5 minutes. It’s very easy to use and self explanatory and can be sent via text or email at your request. There is no commitment to utilize the service to see what you may be approved for. For all residential projects we take 50% down payment and remaining 50% upon completion. This invoice is sent via email and is an ACH link through QuickBooks. We do not process and send your order to the manufacturers until a deposit has been paid. All of our orders are custom products and nonrefundable.

Can you guys do custom size doors? – We can fabricate pretty much any door you can imagine. There are certainly some limitations, but if you’re willing to pay for the alterations, we can deliver almost any request. Custom Door Height Cut Down, Custom Jamb Depth on the door frame, Door panel width ranging from 18 – 42 inches in 2 inch increments. Custom Hinge Mortise Locations. Custom Handle Boring.

Customizations add additional lead time to product arrival.

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