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Impressions matter…

One of the first things that people notice about your house when arriving is your front door. It can enhance or detract from your curb appeal. The right door configuration can really make a house pop when first approached. It’s the difference between compliments and “meh”.

There are a few different materials that can be used depending on your budget and your reasons for upgrading. And as far as designs, there are literally thousands. Not joking, thousands upon thousands when you factor in styles, materials, shapes, sizes, colors (pre-painted or after-manufacturing), side lites (single or double), oversized, transoms, windows (full, half, quarter), etc. With so many choices choosing a front door can be a slightly overwhelming task. 

What should I consider?

As previously mentioned the first thing to consider is Is it any wonder then, that most homeowners spend hours trying to make up their minds on the front door to use in their home?

Wood Doors – Wood doors allow for expansive customization. This choice is popular for those who want that ‘one of a kind’ look to their home. Moldings, panels, and even specific carvings can be added to wood doors. You want your initials in there? Done. Your favorite sports team logo? Done. And there’s a variety of wood to choose from including mahogany, walnut, maple, pine, cherry, and fir all of which add their unique beauty to your home. The customization here is by far the highest of any option.

With that customization, and because wood is the most susceptible to moisture and the elements it comes with work. Overtime your door finish can fade and wear. When this happens you’re going to need to refinish (or pay someone to refinish) the door to maintain that ‘just off the lot’ look. The price tag on wood doors is going to be pretty hefty, and they will weigh in as the most expensive option.

Fiberglass Doors   Fiberglass doors, also know as composite doors, are ideal for extreme weather conditions. Whether you’re in the great white north, or near the balmy beaches of the gulf these doors have the versatility and fortitude to withstand whatever mother nature throws your way. This is due to the fact that fiberglass won’t expand and contract as the outside temperature changes.

The downside to the fiberglass is in the customization arena. While there are a LOT of options available to customize it to what you want, you’re still limited to what manufacturers are making. This means that someone, somewhere in the world could have your exact door!

Steel Doors – Steel doors are a very popular option simply because of the price point, since they are the least expensive option on this list. But don’t let inexpensive be confused with cheap. Because if you want to the best security, this is the option for you! These doors also have a fairly large selection when it comes to choosing one that matches the personality of your house.

One downside is the exterior of the steel door is not going to stand up to minor dents and dings with the same strength as a fiberglass door. But the trade off with cost definitely makes this type of door a competitor.

So, what’s my best option?

Well, You may be looking to upgrade because you don’t like the way your doors look. Or maybe you don’t like the security that your doors currently provide and you feel like you need more. Maybe, just maybe, you’re someone who has money to spend and you literally have nothing else to buy, so you’re replacing your exterior doors. No matter the reason, you certainly want to ensure that you are getting the best bang for you buck.

As previously mentioned, the options for doors are virtually limitless. This means that there is no ‘one size fits all’ option that we can recommend. You want a door that is going to meet your needs and reflect your style. You can get started on your exterior door design here. You’ll see the vast array of choices. You can also give us a call or submit a contact request and our amazing sales team will be happy to consult with you regarding the best options that will fit your needs and budget.

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