What Causes Window Seals To Fail? And What Can You Do About It?

Manufacturers make modern windows as double- or triple-glazed panes with an inert insulating gas sandwiched in between. When energetic heat-transferring particles bump up against the glass, the insulation radiates them back into the environment instead of allowing them to pass through. This prevents warm air from escaping in the winter and penetrating in the summer. …

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What is Low E and Argon / Krypton?

Energy-efficient windows are becoming increasingly popular. Consumers are looking for options that allow them to cut their bills and reduce their impact on the environment.  Not all window technologies, however, are the same.  In this post, we explore the meaning behind terms such Low-E, argon gas, and krypton gas you inevitably come across while shopping…

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What is the NFRC?

You can utilize the energy performance ratings of skylights, doors, and windows to tell you their potential in terms of losing and gaining heat, as well as transmitting sunlight into your property. Basically, this lets you know just how energy-efficient your home is, which is critical in terms of having a comfortable living environment,…

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