Types of Decks

Decks in Kansas City

Types of Decks

Outdoor decks are wooden or composite platforms for outdoor activities. Most decks are raised above the ground, unlike patios. They can include seating, lounge chairs, overhead protection, screening walls, and more. Before building your own deck, consider the options. Some designs stand alone in the yard, surround a pool, or have multiple levels.

Decks can be categorized by design, location, or intended use. These different decks are presented using all three methods. We’ll break down each type of deck and the factors you should consider when choosing.

Attached Deck

Most decks are anchored to the house. It’s usually an extension of a dining room, kitchen, or family room, with doors that open to the outdoors.

This category includes ground-level platforms and multi-level structures with stairways and landings. This type of deck is attached to the home’s framing by a ledger board. This type of engineering means these decks are solid and strong, but they must meet building code requirements as structural additions to the home.

Building codes require that elevated decks be supported by posts and footings. These decks need permits and city inspections.

Types of Decks in Kansas City

Platform Deck

Detached decks are structurally different from attached decks. It’s freestanding in the yard, often connected to the house by a pathway. These structures can often be constructed without the elaborate footing-post-beam manufacture and installation by an attached deck. In many places, no building permit is needed.

Detached island decks can float on concrete blocks or on the ground on a level building site. If the building site is not flat and level, traditional footings and short posts can support beams and structural members. You could even choose to add a pergola to this type of deck to add a cozy seating area when eating outside.

Types of Decks in Kansas City

Wraparound Deck

An attached wraparound deck is large. It’s a slightly elevated structure that wraps around two or more sides of the house. Wraparound porches are roofed decks with railings and step openings.

Your wraparound deck’s size depends on your budget and available space. Adding new roofing and rerouting gutters will be more expensive if the deck is covered. Composite decking costs more than wood but lasts twice as long.

Types of Decks in Kansas City

Multi-Level Deck

A multilevel deck has several levels connected by stairs. Hills, slopes, and rocky terrain often require multilevel decks to accommodate outdoor living spaces. It’s easier and cheaper to build a deck on a sloped or rocky area than a patio.

A multilevel deck can have attached and detached sections connected by stairs.

Multi-level decks cost more because they require more materials and labor. Wood or composite wood decks can be used based on budget and needs.

Types of Decks in Kansas City

Rooftop Or Over Garage Deck

Rooftop and over-garage decks extend outdoor living areas without taking up yard space. It’s important to consult a professional to determine if the structure is safe and suitable for a deck.

For durability, use composite decking when building a rooftop or over-garage deck. Preparing an existing structure for a deck can be expensive. Flat roof decks are a great way to add outdoor space to urban homes. Get in touch with American Window and Door today to see how we can help you.

Types of Decks in Kansas City

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