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American Window and Door is a Local Kansas City Replacement Windows and Doors Company.

We specialize in Kansas City Replacement Windows and Doors, both Residential and Commercial, offering Premium Vinyl products for Investors, Home Owners, and General Contractors. We also offer Commercial Grade Aluminum doors and windows for any kind of design, from storefront, office, or even a hospital

Replacement and New Construction Windows

Premium Vinyl Windows that accommodate any style, scope, and budget. With 5 exterior colors, interior wood finish options, multiple custom grid layout options, and a baseline product that puts the competition to shame. ALL of our products include 7/8 glass, flex screens, Neat Glass, Foam core AND a 25 year TRANSFERABLE warranty! We also offer the best Low E on the market and can put together an R10 Window assembly that is the definition of energy efficiency! Click here to learn more about Residential Replacement Windows

Residential and Commercial Doors

Residential Doors Including: Front Entry Doors, Single Entry Doors, Patio Sliders, French Doors, Multi Panel French or Sliding Doors up to 16ft.
Commercial Doors Including: Steel Frame Assembly, Aluminium Storefront, and Electronic Doors and Hardware! We offer dozens of color and theme options and can handle any job big or small

Blinds, Awnings and Shades

We offer only the best products when it comes to Blinds, Awnings, Shades, and Door and Patio Covers. 1 Inch Blinds, 2 Inch blinds, Faux Finish Blinds, catering to the investor, GC, and home owner!

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We are the Kansas City Replacement Windows Expert

When comfort, energy efficiency, and security of your home is a concern, window replacement can make all the difference. Talk to us now to learn more about how to create the home you and your family deserve.

Life is hard as it is already, choosing the right window replacement professionals in Kansas City shouldn’t be hard too. That’s why we started American Window and Door to help you effortlessly replace old, drafty windows or even broken window panes.

And not just that, we understand what your home means to you – a sanctuary from the hassles and bustles of life. A safe place for family. A refuge from the harsh outside. An inviting, laughter-filled space with warmth and familiar faces around. It is where dreams are birthed, and memories lay. This is home.

At American Window and Door we go the extra mile to provide you with the most innovative, high-quality and competitively priced replacement windows that make your house – home.

Kansas City Replacement Windows Service You Can Trust

When it comes time to choose a window replacement company, you want a brand, you can trust. Our company American Window and Door has been in business for the last decade serving Kansas City and the surrounding communities in Parkville MO, Liberty MO, Gladstone MO, and North Kansas City MO.

And at that time, we have gone above and beyond to satisfy our customers. Don’t take our words for it.

Here’s what other homeowners like you have to say about our window replacement service:

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We Take the Hassle Out of Replacement Windows

Our 3-step process is designed to ensure a smooth ride from the moment you contacted us to the day we deliver your project to on-going 24-hour customer support. Our focus is to provide you with a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Step 1: Speak with a representative: Tell us about your project and budget. Schedule a convenient time for an in-home consultation.

Step 2: In-home consultation: An expert visit for a consultation

Step 3: Installation: Our licensed, bonded, and insured pros accomplish the project within schedule and budget.

Responsive Customer Support

Because our job is not done on the day we hand over the project, we are here with you.

Have any problems with our service? Call our support line. 816-599-3661

Replacement Window Customer Support

replacement windows companySave up to 15% in Energy Bills Every Month

Does your energy bill scare you? Are you always anxious about running up heating and cooling costs?

Our energy-efficient, energy star rated windows will help you save up to 15% on your monthly utility bill.

You see, our windows are insulated glass or what you may call double glazing and triple glazing. It basically, consists of glass window panes separated by a vacuum and filled with argon gas.

The result is an adequately fortified window that efficiently maintains the temperature of your home interior. The warmer the inside of your home, the less power your HVAC system has to draw which in turn means a lower energy bill at the end of the month.

Keep Intruders Away

New impact-resistant windows not only have the ability to withstand flying debris and critters, but it also reduces the chances of a break-in. Our double-glazed windows are made from top-quality, impact-resistant glasses tested to withstand the harsh Kansas City weather effectively.

With our window replacement services, you can rest easy knowing your investment and most priced assets and family are safe.

Reduce Outside Noisereplacement windows diagram

When the tranquility of your home is often disrupted by outdoor noise, know it’s time to bring in expert window replacement provider to correctly seal the windows so you can enjoy the peace you and your family deserve.

Contact us today so our experienced team can get to work for you. We will install new double- or triple-pane glass windows insulated with Krypton gas to keep out the outdoor noise.


Boost Your Home’s Appeal and Aesthetics Before Selling

New windows can significantly improve the curb appeal of your home. They allow you to take advantage of natural light. Bring a sort of vibrancy right into your home. And, generally make your home more beautiful to look at.

In addition, especially if you are planning to sell, new window replacements can boost the value of your home, ensuring you recoup the money spent when you finally sell.

“73% of homeowners get their window replacement investment back when they resell their home” a 2016 National Association of Realtor’s Cost vs Value study reported.

Frequently Asked Questions About Replacement Windows

What is the average cost to replace windows?

The actual amount you pay for a window replacement depends mostly on the type of window you want. The national average cost for a double-hung window is between $300 and $800 per window. For new sliding windows expect to pay anything from $300 to $1,200 while casement windows may cost you from $275 to $750 to fix.

However, most homeowners in Jackson county paid between $339 and $458 for a window replacement installation.

Does Lowes do window replacement?

Yes, Lowes offers window replacement as part of its services. No matter your window type, whether it’s bay windows or functional sliding or stylish accent, Lowe’s has a solution for you.

How much does a picture window cost? 

The amount you pay for a replacement picture window depends on the contractor you hired in addition to whether you want a basic or high-end installation.

The average cost for a basic picture window installation is between $303 and $860 per window. High-end picture window installation could cost anything from $877 to $1165.

How much do Window World windows really cost?

Each quote for a window world windows installation varies by home. However, the average cost of a standard double-hung window is between $450 and $500, which is higher than the often advertised $189 price.

You may want to speak with a local Window World rep to get more precise information on how much you are likely to pay for a replacement project.

Who manufactures windows for Window World?

The Window World windows are manufactured by Associated Materials Incorporated (AMI) out of Ohio.

Where are Anderson windows made?

Andersen’s window manufacturing facility is in Bayport, Minnesota.

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